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Focus Areas and Projects

Crosslinks is working with its national and international partners on a portfolio of projects that lie at the intersection of a few key issue areas. Our initiatives involve a strong community outreach component, use of next-generation mobile and web technologies, and an evidence-based practice through randomized field experiments.
Digital Agriculture

“AnnaData” is an early warning system for crop diseases. It utilizes comprehensive real-time data on weather, plant health and micro-climate gathered through in-field sensors. AnnaData employs advanced machine learning techniques to recognize crop abnormalities in the early stages and sends advance alerts to farmers regarding the potential onset of harmful conditions that can cause substantial crop damage.

Universal Social Security

With MYBIT, Crosslinks is leveraging the scale, scope and ubiquity of the Internet to provide below-poverty-line workers with low-cost access to philanthropic capital that supplements their regular income and old age savings.

Access to Safe Water

Crosslinks is introducing CHATAKA, a new social sector initiative towards adopting safe drinking practices in the drinking water space. In the absence of piped water on premises, households and businesses in Indian cities are increasingly relying on bottled water to meet their daily needs. CHATAKA is developing ICT -based tools for consumers to detect water quality issues and identify licensing violations instantly at the point-of-use. 

Capacity Building for Social Sector

Crosslinks is launching its novel Advanced Social Sector Professional (ASSP) program that seeks to train talented young graduates interested in joining the development sector. ASSP is an intense 3-month bridge course that teaches modern-day skillsets for succeeding in this challenging sector.

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